Chapter Meeting Summary

Chapter Meeting Updates from February 2024

Hello G Family.  We had 50 people in attendance tonight:  36 G Folks and 14 visitors.  Chapter A and C came up to try to take home the COY mascot, Monty, IOY mascot, Zeke, and the traveling plaque. At the end, Chapter A took home both mascots, but Chapter C got the plaque.  Some of us will be traveling to Chapter C on Saturday to attempt to get them back.  

February is our annual awards month.  HUGE THANKS to Gary Heil for keeping the records for Chapter G.  25 people participated in our annual mileage contest, traveling a total of 107,808 miles.  Here is a breakdown of our 2023 winners.

Attendance – We had 119 events

1st Place -Mary Eicher -76 events

2nd Place – Kim Pommier – 67 events

3rd Place -Ron Harper – 66 events


Extreme Riders – Over 10,000 miles

1st Place – Rick Cridlin – 17,796 miles

2nd Place – Randy Pommier – 12,117 miles

3rd Place – Steve Poat – 10,100 miles

High Mile Riders

1st Place – Steve Centner – 8,688 miles

2nd Place – Steve Holder – 5,790 miles

3rd Place – Charlie Hobbs – 5,340 miles

Womens High Miles – Donita Nardi 3,358 miles

Average Rider Award went to Tom Reilly who rode 1,387 miles.  The average was 1,818.

SWAG Winner was Charlie Thornton with 106,542 miles

Lesly and Steve announced the 2024 ride schedule and we are going to have sooooo much fun!!  Check out the website soon for all the details. 

Sign-up sheets were available for:

Game night this Saturday at Lookout Farms Clubhouse

Duckpin Bowling 3/9/2024 on Beechmont Ave, OH, for March 9th event

Registration Forms were available for:

The Kentucky Blast

The Kentucky Ride-In

Let me know if you need to sign-up or get registered.  

Hope to see you soon!  

Be SAFE and have FUN!!

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