Kim and Rick Artmayer
District Treasurer 2015-2016
Couple of the Year 2014
Chapter Educators 2014-2017
Special Events 2012-2015
Technical Educator 2011-2013, 2018-2019

Joyce and Jesse Joyce Baker

John (Doc) Baker

Ramona Banks

Bill and Charlene Boone

Deward Brake
Chapter Individual of the Year 2016
Video Display Coordinator 2014-2015

Charlene and Stan Caudell

Babette and Steve Centner
Ride Coordinator 1990-2000, 2016-2017
Chapter Couple of the Year 2003 & 2018

Bill and Barb Conrad

Ray and Kathy Conrad
Asst. Chapter Directors 2016-2017
District Directors 2007-2009

Asst. District Directors 2004-2006, 2014-2015
District Vendor Coordinators 2010-2018

Leah and Rick Cridlin
Chapter Directors 2016-2020
Asst. Dist. Directors 2018
District Educators 2014-2015
Asst. Chapter Directors 2014-2015
Chapter Educators 2011-2013
Chapter Couple of the Year 2012

Dennis and Chris Davis

Tom Dierig
Chapter Director 2014-2015
Asst. Chapter Director 2012-2013
Chapter Individual of the Year 2013
Ride Coordinator 2008-2009

Brenda and Dave Ehrhardt

John and Robbie Feldkamp

Howard Gaiser and Cathy Heckman

Mike Gaiser

Ron and Rheda Harper
Individual of the Year 2015

Awards Coordinator 2006-2014

Kim and Dean Hedger
2019 Couple of the Year
50/50 Coordinator 2017-2019

Darlene, Raven & Gary Heil
Chapter Couple of the Year 2017
Awards Coordinator 2015-2019

Ride Coordinator 2014

Rena and Charlie Hobbs
Chapter Couple of the Year 2015
Social Secretary 2015-2019
Motorist Awareness Coordinator 2015-2019
Substitute Coordinators 2014

Judie and Whitey Howard

Karen and John Keiter
Chapter Couple of the Year 2016
Pins & Patches 2015-2019

Lisa and Mark Knipfer

Cecilia and Jim Litmer

Chuck and Debbie McWilliams

Robert Moss

Renzo (RIP) and Donita Nardi
Donita Individual of the Year 2019
Newsletter Editors 2014-2019
Chapter Directors 2012-2013
Chapter Couple of the Year 2013
Asst. Chapter Directors 2010-2011

Chuck and Jackie Neidig

Mark Niesche

Chuck and Judy Norris
Webmasters 2019
Ride Coordinators 2018-2019

Bob and Judy O'Banion
Pin and Patches 1999-2007
Chapter Couple of the Year 1999

Rick Otto

Mike Parrett

Randy and Kim Pommier

Joyce and Windy Quire

Jack and Carol Redd
50/50 Coordinator 2014-2016
Historian 2008-2019
Chapter Couple of the Year 2010

J.R. and Pam Robinson

Wendi and Troy Robinson

Asa and Libby Rouse (RIP)
Asa Individual of the Year 2018
Motorist Awareness Program
Treasurer 2001-2014
Chapter Couple of the Year 2001
Chapter Educator 1993-2006

Connie and Bill Spreher

Pam and Bob Thomann
Bob Individual of the Year 2017

Technical Educator 2015-2016
Technical Educator 2008-2010

Peggy and Charlie Thornton

Luanne and Jerry Williams

District Membership Enhancement 2015-2019
Treasurer 2015-2019
Chapter Membership Enhancement 2012- 2019
Social Secretary 2012-2016
Chapter Directors 2010-2011
Asst. Chapter Directors 2008-2009
Chapter Couple of the Year 2007
Special Events 2006-2007

Rick and Barb Young
50/50 Coordinators 2012-2013
Pins and Patches 2007-2011

Sue and Dennis Zimmerman
Webmasters 2014-2018
Newsletter Editors 2012-2013
Special Events 2010-2011
Chapter Directors 2008-2009
Asst. Chapter Directors 2006-2007
Chapter Couple of the Year 2008